Autumn Joy

Yesterday I went walkabout around the property, enjoying the fresh air, the changing colors in the trees, and the silly critters that populate our pastures.  Here's some of what I came across...

Judah having his supper on a blanket of golden leaves.

The golden leaves aforementioned.


Phineas' fine fluffy fleece.


Mother and daughter, Mary Elizabeth and Rachel.


Vanni on duty while Ruth catches some z's.

Noah and Ruth.  I think there's some question about whose supper this is.

We have the beginnings of new turf coming up, and we've had a bit of rain on and off this week. 
I hope it's enough to keep the rye seed germinating.

  Tomorrow's post:  A farm project opportunity this Saturday.


  1. I love your photos on the farm! It's so nice to touch base with the animals on the farm. My favorite is Ruth and Noah near the food dish.

    Thank you for including all of us on your walkabout. :)

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Noah looks good. Thank you. Alpacamama


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