Almost One

Hard to believe, but the puppies will turn one year old next Saturday.  I think it's time for a little informal birthday party for them, which will correspond nicely with our Third Saturday spin-in on the 17th!

Let's take a quick trip back in time a little, just for fun...

Tiny sleepy puppies.

Pups with Momma Lucy.

Ten week old Vanni with Shepherd Susie, stopping off in Nashville on his way to the farm.

Three month old Tella, as captured by our friend Jennifer Jurek.

Four month old Tella, out for some supervised exercise.

Four month old Vanni begins his friendship with Ruthie.

Nowadays, Tella begins her partnership with Judah by pestering him to death for hours on end.
I believe that she will soon be queen of this pasture, and Judah, her humble servant.

But she does love her lambs.

Vanni is our farm greeter and ambassador.  He's never met a soul he didn't love instantly.  
'Cept pasture predators.  He does not love them.

Vanni has the most endearing personality of any critter on the farm.  Though we love them all, and they each have their particular amazing features, there's something about this Enormous Polar Bear of a Dog that sets him apart.

If you can come have a bit of birthday cake next Saturday in the LRB for our Third Saturday get-together, we'd love to have you.  You can give Vanni a birthday scritch.

(Tella would love a scritch, too, but she shares a pasture with Judah, who's not big on visits by strangers.  It's best to keep out of his pasture, and keep your fingers outside the fence.  Just sayin.)


  1. Time sure has flown by! Seems like yesterday that you went to pick them up.

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Hard to believe the Moose is only a year old... Happy birthday Tella and Vanni!

  3. MissMoosey on Ravelry10:06 AM

    We all love those adorable dogs (I was going to say those little dogs, but they have not been little for a long long time)! Please give them extra love and scritches!

  4. AWWWWW!!!!! PUPPIES!!!!


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