The Best of Times

The best part of life on this farm, is the friendship of the people who gather here to enjoy it together.  We love fiber and knitting and spinning and crochet and weaving and critters, and each other.  This past Saturday, some of our Shareholders got together to toast the season, eat some wonderful snacks, work on projects, and generally have a ball.  Fortunately, the weather was fantastic, because we spilled out of the LRB and into the yard!  It's one of my favorite days of the whole year...

Shepherding looks great on Leslie!

Laurie's working on her 476th Queen Anne's Lace scarf!

Dawn got a t-shirt she's been hankering for...

Dina brought us a platter that sums everything up quite nicely!

So good to see Tasha and Gail again!

Ms. Chris made it in spite of car challenges.  And I made out like a bandit: Golding spindle, hand-made scarf, and wee sheep pin!  Up to my ears in riches!

Old friends and new bond immediately in the LRB!

Sweet Dina and new friend Barbara enjoy spinning yarns - of all kinds!

Karen looks lovely in her new alpaca scarf!

Gorgeous weather drew a bunch of us out into the sunshine.

Jennifer shares an amazing lace veil for show and tell.

Anela, Gay, Mary and Elaine settle into happy contentment with their needles clicking.

And because community is what we're all about, we're going to do it again this coming Saturday - it's our regular Third Saturday get-together, with a special treat:  come enjoy goodies to celebrate the puppies' First Birthday!


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