Give Me Shelter

The sheep hut is finished!

I tell ya, there's not much you can't do around here as long as you have cattle panels, t-posts, baling wire, zip ties and duct tape.  And a humongous tarp.  And great friends.

Elaine came over today to help with this project.  She's going to have her own farm and sheep some day and is anxious to learn all she can about shepherding.  Today she learned how to drive t-posts...

...and how to get otherwise standoffish sheep to eat out of your hand.

There she is - our new sheep shelter, ready to protect the girls from the winter weather.  And just as important, we're now able to till up the, uh, organic matter in the previous sheep hut to become our greenhouse for winter veggies.  I'm very anxious to sow some seeds and get some spinach and lettuce going.

Thank you, Elaine, for a really great afternoon of camaraderie, hard work, achievement, and well, fun.  The sheep thank you, and I thank you...


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    So this replaces the white 'hut' Jill helped you set up? Nice...


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