Happy New Year

How did you spend this last glorious day of 2011?  The weather here was crazy warm, but that's just how Texas is - unpredictable.  We took advantage of it.

I got to meet LuAnn and Jim, who became shareholders after a quick farm tour.  Actually, LuAnn had been here before, accompanying her pals who took the tri-loom class a few months ago.

We also got to visit with Rachael and Phil, who wanted to take a Babe wheel for a spin.  So good to meet them!  Then we got down to work...

Friend and helper, Angela, came over to dabble in a veritable buffet of farm chores:

Dog grooming and massage... (you can see how the dogs cooperated without complaint)

Sheep feeding... (notice our silly way of keeping the t-posts from poking through our tarp? Yes, those are rubber garden shoes.)

...and alpaca fiber skirting.  The fiber shares continue to march down the processing path.

Angela was such great company and a big help getting things done today.  The difference in productivity between one person and two people is much more than double.  The synergy is amazing.  I love the training and enabling aspects of our work together, too.  As more of us gals get our hands deep into the fiber prep work and the animal care work, the world takes on a softer edge, cushioned by love and sisterhood and wooly goodness.

We have some very exciting stuff coming up in 2012.  I can't wait to spread it all out for you...

Happy, healthy, safe New Year!!!


  1. we had a blast cindy, thanks for showing us around and letting us meet everyone and letting me give the babe a test run!


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