A New Share Option

Chris helps out with feeding
 Hey friends - sorry I've been so quiet all week... the share fiber is marching down the processing path, we had visitors from the Sachse Senior Center, and I've taken some time inside my house to battle some clutter mountains and decorate for Christmas.  Whew.  Never a dull moment.

But in my meditative organizing mode, I realized it's high time for a new option for shareholders. 
Beginning now, for our 2012 shares, I'm going to institute a new category:  The "Help Share."  Here's how we'll do it.  You can sign up for a Help Share and commit 10 hours of easy, fun labor on the farm between now and the fiber coming back from the processor, probably in the early fall of the year.  You'll earn a half share of fiber for those 10 hours (a $90 value).  Or if you'd like to get a Whole Share of fiber, you can get half of it in exchange for labor.  We'll keep track of your time and be all official and everything.

Half Help Share = 10 hours of work for half a fiber share,
Whole Help Share = 10 hours of work + $90 for a whole fiber share.

And I can only take the first 10 folks who sign up.

What do you think?  Some people are gifted with cash and others with time and an interest in learning about the stuff that goes on here.  We'll do animal chores, fiber prep work, general farm maintenance, maybe dye yarn, alpaca halter practice, and who knows what else.

I hear from wonderful folks from time to time that they'd like to help, but I didn't have a good way to actually incorporate them into the day-to-day life of the farm.  This way, I can train those eager folks who'd like to learn farm life, and get an extra pair of hands now and again to make the jobs go faster.  Win-win.

If the Help Share sounds good to you, please drop me a note at ctelisak at juno dot com.

(And remember - all shareholders of record get an invitation to the Annual Shareholders' Christmas Tea on December 10.  Just sayin'.)


  1. I wish I lived closer to you! I would sign up for anything Alapca!! :D Actually, I love farm chores. Working outside, taking care of critters, is something I enjoy! Thanks to my husband, I'm also pretty handy with power tools! ;) With my little ones, I can't commit to 10 hours, but I would still love to come up and hang out sometime, helping with whatever I can!

  2. Anonymous3:50 AM

    What a clever idea. I too, live too far away and you would already know me if I did live close! Hope this works out as well as it should,


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