Night on the Town

Suzy, Moi, Susy, Marybelle, and Mary Tutu at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth
A couple of times a year I get the opportunity to sit down with my friend Susie Gibbs and talk shop.  As you know, Susie invented the Fiber CSA and generously shared her experience and expertise with me just about three years ago.  We've supported each other directly and indirectly ever since.  She's a blast to hang out with.  Through Susie, I've met a bunch of really awesome friends who have also become part of our farm family. 

Last night I got to have a wonderful Mexican dinner with Susie, who's home for Christmas, and some of our pals: Suzy from Oklahoma, Marybelle from Valley Ranch, and our own Grandma Tutu - Mary.  I always come away so inspired to keep nurturing the farm dream, and full of new ideas.  Even though our two farms' goals and visions differ quite a bit, Susie and I share a shepherd's heart, a love of our unique communities, and a passion to share our resources.  We spur each other on to deeper creativity, encourage each other through challenges, and just generally have a good time.

Here's a bit of great news - Susie will be back in the area, promoting her Juniper Moon Farm yarns at the Woolie Ewe in Plano on January 25.  I'll post the time and agenda later, as it's available.  I'm sure the store will be sending out information on this, too, so watch your e-mail.  We may even get her out to the farm to visit her puppies while she's in the neighborhood.

If you're by the Ewe, check out the Juniper Moon Farm yarns - they're luscious.  And we got a bit of advance information about the new yarns she'll be adding to the line for the fall.  Her new yarn, Herriot, will be in my shopping cart for sure.  Can't tell you any more than that right now...


  1. It was so fun!! I love being with my fiber friends! xoxo

  2. Please do remind us. Last time I was in, I saw the JMF books for the first time and I admit I squeed since I joined it (or its previous version) first and that is how I found JRF.

  3. I have my yarn, but I'm surely sad I missed the dinner! Rockin' the fiber cradle, y'all are!


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