Party Hounds

Just a bit of free advice: party with the LRB Barnies if you want to have a really fun time, and lots of amazing treats, and brainstorm amazing ideas for life and craft.

Saturday we celebrated the puppies' first birthday with another spin/knit-in at the farm, beginning with the feeding rounds, excessive Vanni scritching, and then retiring to the barn for some refreshments and stitching.

 Coffee is much more festive with whipped cream from a can.

 Our caterer, Sarah, brought both Tira Misu cupcakes and Orange Coconut cupcakes.  We went totally gourmet -  none of this silly vanilla vs. chocolate stuff.  Sarah's in the eleventh grade, and has a very promising future ahead of her in the culinary arts...

 Sweet UK pal, Caroline, sent us a powerful Mint Cake to enjoy - mighty minty!!  From England!  Thank you, Caro!

Kate got to be with us for the first time, and had Smokey in Kitty Heaven right away... it did slow down Kate's crochet progress, but it must be done.

Denise and Dina talked about a really unusual knitted scarf pattern...

Brand new knitter, Leslie, came out to enjoy some knitting friendship and treats.  
(She's doing so great, by the way.  She'll soon add purling to her repertoire.)

Anna and Brian got to come for a short visit.  I'm still feeling bad that Smokey was less than hospitable to little Brian's sweet advances.  Kitties and little people sometimes don't mesh...

Show us your socks, Denise...

Rita updated us on all the wedding plans.  Things are really coming together!  What an amazing example of organization and preparation!

Hanane's daughter made her a gorgeous yarn bowl in her art class.  Really beautiful.

We got to see Brenda for the first time in a long time.  It was so good to hug her neck.

Kris got to drop by for a bit, too.  The Farmstead Museum has been working her to the bone... come rest with us, Kris!

In any case, the dogs were loved and celebrated, and we enjoyed some time together, holding each other up in whatever place in life we find ourselves challenged and engaged.

There are few better ways to spend a gorgeous winter day.


  1. Cindy, you photos are lovely! Thank you for the mint cake picture, glad you enjoyed it! I hope you didn't try to share it round the puppy party people! I should have sent you some extras! So good to see Smokey again, he certainly loves your adult company! I hope Brian is fully recovered from the rebuff! The dogs looked as though they wanted a cuddle from him.
    I expect we shall chat again before Christmas, but just in case...............Have a wonder-filled one!
    Best wishes


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