Winter + Fiber = Bliss

The cold is here to stay.  This week will be our most winter-like so far this year.  Weren't we just melting in 105 degree heat?  That's only a dim memory now.

And when the temperatures drop, the fiber comes out to play.  Fiber, and fiber friends.

Meet Madeleine and Anna - new shareholders and relatively new spinners.  Madeleine has nine talented kids, each gifted in some crafting area.  Anna's the fiber girl.  She and her mom made a long drive over to the farm Saturday to see the place, meet the critters, and get some advice on a free spinning wheel they'd been given.  Turns out it's an old Schacht Matchless - not a bad gift!  It mostly needed a bit of oil and a little tweak or two.  Young Anna is a fine spinner, both on a spindle, and now on this new wheel of hers.

One of her first projects is a spindle-spun, hand knitted Ewok she made herself.  Isn't he delicious? I cannot wait to see what comes off her needles next.

Today I went over to see our new friend Elaine, also new to her Kromski wheel, but progressing like mad.  We had such a great time spinning, baking bread and talking about how we'd like to be peasants when we grow up - living and cooking simply, enjoying our archaic crafts.  Sometimes a life of hard labor sounds like it would be a vacation from our lives tormented by technology and modern pressures.  Okay, maybe not, but it's fun to dream.

I shared my beer bread recipe with her, and Elaine taught me a variation on the Mark Bittman No-Knead Bread recipe.  I've never had any luck with yeast breads, so this seems like a wonderful option.  This bread tasted like heaven with her black bean pumpkin soup!  Good thing I'm not obsessed with counting carbs these days...

I managed to get a little spinning in myself today - spun and Navajo-plied some BFL roving that our Laurie had dyed.  These colors look pretty wild here in the skein, but she dyed them with her "spectrum dyeing" technique, and they actually morph gradually from one Yowza color to the next.  Can't wait to get this knit up into a project...

UPDATE:  The Help Shares we introduced Saturday filled up to overflowing.  I finally had to cut off applications at 12 wonderful new shareholders.  These ladies have committed a BUNCH of valuable people-hours of help to the farm.  I can't tell you what a gift that is. 

REMINDER:  Shareholders past and present, Whole, Half or Help:  please RSVP if you're planning to come to this Saturday's annual Christmas Shareholders' Tea at the Little Red Barn.  Fun and food... 'nuf said.


  1. A special welcome to the new knitters!


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