Birth and Growth

It's a brand new year.  Twelve months stretch out before us with seemingly unlimited potential.  My first task is to intentionally limit that potential to just what I think the farm can pull off, and focus in on that.  Not easy.

But as I look back, and look around, and look ahead, the vision that seems to be forming clear and strong is that the farm will be a place of growth and empowerment... a place where dreams germinate and sprout.  I read today that the largest, fastest-growing demographic in the field of farming (no pun intended) is women.  And a bunch of those women are friends of this farm, longing and yearning for the day when they will have their own farms to tend.  These new farms will not only nourish their owners, but the communities around them.

I think Jacob's Reward Farm can help.

The resources are ready...
This year, in addition to our fiber shares, which remain the backbone of our farm model, we will be creating and providing different educational opportunities for several types of learners:  fiber enthusiasts, young people, and future women farmers.

Lettuce seeds, waiting to be born.
Our fiber pals can look forward to more skill-building workshops like tri-loom weaving, fiber dyeing, 3-D felting, etc.  Groups of young people like scout troops and home school groups will have specialized curricula developed just for them, to help them engage with the farm.  I'm planning on two sessions of Farm Camp in the later part of June for kids 7-10 years old to get an intense farm experience and lots of creative fun.  And finally, women desiring their own farmsteads (urban, suburban or rural) will have a broad, multi-module Farm Women School opportunity with lots of hands-in-the-dirt time, so to speak.

I'm working on the calendar now, and pulling together all my resources so that we can get all these new programs "birthed" and off the ground.  If you'd like to be a part of any of these programs - as a student, teacher or helper, please drop me a note.  We'll need lots of assistant midwives standing by.


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