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It's been too long since our last walk around the farm together, so I snapped some shots of critters who would love some virtual scritches.

Judah and Tella vie for attention

Social grooming bonds this working pair

Tella is such a beauty.  A busy, mischievous beauty.

The ewes and lambs are shaggy and plump

Rachel is brave, behind the fence

Phineas eats and dozes on Shadrach's back

Shad and Mordechai get fresh water

Ms. Smokey shadows me on my rounds

Ruthie is always alert.  Except when she's sawing logs.

Boaz enjoys the sunshine

This weather is heavenly to the alpacas - cool mornings and sunny, mild afternoons

These Ameraucanas are trying to make a break for it.  Patience, girls.

Ice overnight will give way to spring-like temperatures by afternoon

How does our garden grow?  Our patience has been rewarded.  The seeds have germinated and new sprouts are coming up in the protected environment of the greenhouse.  This provides good wind protection, and a bit of temperature mediation.  Even though it's not airtight or heated, the cover makes a big difference for these cool weather veggies.  My next plan is to get some onion starts to fill up the vacant plot in the greenhouse.  I'm also starting some tomatoes indoors.

The spinach has sprouted in the greenhouse

Baby turnips

A row of young lettuce
I'm putting together the next farm newsletter, which will be chock-full of news about the very cool plans we have for 2012.  If you're not on our list, sign up via the link in the left margin.  I think you'll like how our calendar is shaping up.


  1. They are all beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the "walk". :D

  3. Lovely to see all that's going on!
    I took some pics of our drive to work the other day. Threre seem to be roadworks everywhere around Somerset at the mo, so we had to go the back way. It was a cold, frosty morning and so beautiful! Must post tomorrow!

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Loved the update and if you every want to get out of farming. You could make it as a photographer. You take excellent pictures. Alpacamama


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