Gentlemen, Start Your Tomatoes

At last.  I've finally gotten ahead of the calendar and started some tomato seeds indoors.  And if all goes to plan, I'll have many, many more than I can use, so there will be some to share.

I bought one of those trays pre-packed with peat pots that swell up when you water them.  I also got some Martha Stewart organic tomato seeds because, well, they were right in front of me at the store.

Those little seeds are tiny, so I used the moistened tip of a chop stick to carefully get two or three seeds into each little pot.

Yeah, there's a lot of them.

And Martha's none too generous with her seeds - I barely had enough to fill all my pots.  But we got it done.  I'll post an update when they sprout in (according to the label) 7-10 days. 

Baby 'maters!!


  1. So jealous!! Here in western NY, I don't plant tomato seeds until April. Guess I'll have to live vicariously for a few months!

  2. Nothing like home grown tomatoes!! Yummm!


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