The End of a Precious Day

I'm not sure what it was about today that was so satisfying...

One of my favorite kinds of days - the kind where I don't have to leave the property for anything.  The knitting class was a little more informal today, so we got to share more about our lives.  Outside, the air was warm and humid, and the breeze picked up over the course of the afternoon.  It felt more like April than February.  We hit that sweet spot on the thermometer - not too cool and not too warm.  Really blissful.

I lingered over my chores because it was so nice just to be in the earthy air, studying the sheeps' eyelashes, burying my nose in Vanni's soft ruff, examining the young turnips, sorting luxurious fiber.

Inside, I took time to check in with community members on-line a bit.  These days we're all wrestling with issues political, spiritual, familial, medical, mechanical, interpersonal...  That takes energy.  I got to visit with a friend on a day she got some of the most joyous news of her life--what an honor.  That will add some richness to your afternoon, let me tell you.

And now the sun is down and the animals have settled into their nighttime routines -- the dogs to their stations, the sheep bedding down together, the alpacas dotting the pasture like sculptured topiary.  Springtime is the busiest time of the year on a farm, so these pensive, slo-mo days are gifts to be treasured.


  1. Thanks for helping me feel at peace just reading your description of your day.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Beautiful pictures. Very peaceful. Alpacamama


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