Four New Knitters

The Little Red Barn was a happy place today.  When people come together to work with yarn and enjoy each others' company, the world is a little sweeter place to be.

Today friends Lisa, Robin and Dawn, and new friend Cyleena started learning to knit.  And every single one of them left with some wonderful stitches on her needles.  Cyleena is a precious young home schooled teen, who had no trouble keeping up with the ladies, and endured lots of "mom talk" while she diligently stitched along.  What a good sport!

It's a stretch to call this "work" for me - we had such a great time.  I can't wait to spend another five weeks with this group, passing on the simple skills that will empower them to create their own masterpieces.

We are going to make excellent progress.  We're working up to a fun sampler scarf project - it moves from block to block, adding a new competency with each one.  You can find it here on Ravelry, if you'd like to give it a go.

Would you like to learn to knit or spin?  Gather up some friends and check our calendar.  Tuesday mornings will be free again on March 27, and Wednesday evenings are currently free to book a class.  Free animal scritches included at no extra charge.


  1. What a great project! I'm sure they'll all be lovely. Knit on!!!


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