The Many Faces of the LRB

Fourth Saturday - a smashing time here on the farm at the Little Red Barn...  Dina got here early and started the coffee, but had to slip out early...

Gay arrived and I got to deliver her JRF Golding Spindle.  She promptly fired it up and made some sweet yarn on it!  It all comes back, doesn't it, Gay?

Got to meet Patricia for the first time - what an incredible blanket she's working on - a diagonal crochet project for a friend...

Carla came by the farm for the first time.  She's very interested in fiber and felting and well, soon we'll have her knitting and spinning - right ladies?

Shareholder Katy came by with her kids Will and McKenna - Ruthie made them feel right at home.

Vanni showed Carla how to reach just the right spot on the tummy for the perfect scritch.  Amy's ready to dive into farm life!

Denise and Lisa had very interesting projects to work on.  Today was Lisa's first time to the LRB, and she fit in like an old-timer.  So enjoy her company!  And Denise went home with a Golding spindle, too.  Spin on, my friend!

The other Lisa, and Linda compared notes on some knitting issue.  Linda was remaking the sweater pattern she was wearing, this time in green.  If it ain't broke...

Karen cracked Angela up over something.  It was so great to see Angela again after a long break.  Then she went out and brushed the dogs for me.  What a lovely gift!  (The dogs love to see Angela coming...)

 Karen told us that she had to put her kitty down a couple of weeks ago.  Smokey seemed to know that she needed some feline love and affection.  Good kitty.

Barbara came and brought lots of awesome snacks today.  Sorry for the blurry picture, B, but your smile was so sweet!

Virginia bought some yarn here at the barn last Saturday and returned to day with a completed crocheted scarf/cowl thing.  Beautiful and snuggly-warm!  Way to finish your projects, Virginia!

Beth and Maryann were about the last to come, so we had some catching up to do!  Hadn't seen these ladies in quite some time.

Yep, Lisa - blocking is going to make one awesome scarf out of that - so, so pretty!

Our new friend, Chiyo, is just as cute as she can be.  Who can resist Hello Kitty and red boots?  She's working on an incredible fair isle felted bag she learned from Alissa Barton.  You go, girl.

Also, Anela and her husband Matt dropped by to ply the alpacas with carrots and win their hearts.  Bonita and her husband Dennis got the quicky tour and promised to come back soon.  Kris from the Farmstead Museum got to spend some time with us today, but somehow avoided getting her picture taken...  It was a busy, busy day at the farm - please forgive me if I forgot to mention you.  We talked about how my memory has a thick coat of Teflon on it, and I have to write everything -- I mean everything -- down nowadays...  Who did I forget?

Regardless, we had a spectacular day today.  So warm, we kept the barn door open.  And the only downside to that was...

Uninvited guests...

 Uninvited guests with an attitude...


  1. so sorry I couldn't be there and next month won't be able to come either. :(

  2. Wow, Gay made the front page!!! Way to go!


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