Joseph Arrives

Wow, we've waited and waited for this beautiful boy to get here, and let me tell you, it was worth it. 

The Welcoming Committee was on hand to greet the newcomer.  This is a big deal when a new alpaca joins the family.

Mr. Ramsey's rig pulled up Church Lane with several alpacas on board - our Joseph and a couple of lovely ladies.

Joseph gets his first look at his new home.

The hospitality suite is a stall with a couple of buddies to get acquainted at a gentle pace.  Levi is the perfect sweet boy to make Joseph begin to feel at home.

The suris wanted to visit with him, but they kept worrying him around and around the stall, so they had to wait outside.

I finally got a good look at his gorgeous fiber.  Charcoal down deep, and rusty red on the tips, with some funny spots tossed in for character.  So, so beautiful.

It's so dense that very little grass or hay gets down into the fiber.  It's going to be pretty easy to clean up for the processor.  Six more weeks (give or take) and that fleece is in the bag.

He has a kind and serious air about him.

In a day or so, he'll have the run of the place, just like all the other boys, and we'll be able to get better photos of him.  He is a real cutie-patootie.  Please come visit him when you can!


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