Magic in Their Fingers

Until you know the trick, magicians can hold you spellbound as they do the seemingly impossible.  Sawing women in half, rabbits out of hats, vanishing elephants... there must be a way, but how?  The same is true of spinning wool into yarn.  How do they DO that? 

The amazing thing with spinning is that even when you know the trick, the magic remains.  It never gets old.  And even when you're the one making it happen, the magic entrances the magician.  Beautiful clouds of wool become solid lines of yarn, right before your very eyes, and under your own hands.

Is it any wonder that the attraction to spinning draws in more and more practitioners today, just like it has for thousands of years of human history?  We're lured into the wonder of the magic--the crazy combination of presto-chango and pedestrian utility.  We're hooked on the voila moment.

Mickey, Linda, and D'Wanna got to Aha! tonight at the Little Red Barn.  Stand amazed.


  1. Welcome ladies! You're doing a great job! Very neat :)

  2. You are so right! I have been spinning for almost 2 decades now and never cease being amazed at how much like magic it is !

  3. Gail Goodhand7:07 PM

    Cindy, As you know I have trouble hand spinning. I've been looking at the different types of electric spinners out there. They range from beautiful wood art ones, to motors put on regular wheels, to modern ones made of PVC and sewing machine parts. What do you think, have you tired any, any brand you'd recommend?
    gail goodhand


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