Many Hands Make Fun Work

Another dozen awesome kids got a thorough look at the farm today.  Even though the weather had turned a bit brisk, everyone was dressed for it, and the animals didn't seem to mind at all.

I wanted to be sure to give a great big grateful shout out to my helpers the past three days - today and yesterday, Barbara was on hand to help keep the kids (and me) focused on all the cool stuff to see and touch.  She says she's a city girl, but you wouldn't know it to see her dive in to all the jobs that needed doing.

Wednesday, our friend Jennifer added so much to the kids' education by showing off some of the amazing things she's done with wool and fiber.  They really loved her felted tote bag made from scraps of natural wool and alpaca yarns.

She helped contrast that rustic effect with our mill spun alpaca yarns in its range of nice colors.

I can't emphasize enough how this farm is a community effort.  What depth and richness would be lost without the regular, loyal, and heartfelt contributions of the people who make up our farm family.  Our farm helpers are making a difference both out front and behind the scenes, adding value to everything we do as a proponent of fiber artistry, sustainable agriculture, and meaningful community.

Ok, the animals do their parts, too.  Good job, Vanni...


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