Putting our Heads and Hearts Together

That happy cooing sound coming from the Denton, Texas area is a group of about 80 ladies cocooned into the plush accommodations of Camp Copass on Lake Lewisville, with their knitting yarns and spinning fibers.  And each other.

We've been taking classes, working on projects, swapping stories, enjoying other people's cooking, adding new skills, and enjoying some rest from our everyday routines.

Amigurumi Class
New Spinner

Knitting Around the Circle
Making Up for Lost Spinning Time
Lots of Spinning
Knitting, with Spinning at the Ready
Big Meeting Space
Tons of Fiber Friends
And Shopping
Sharing Skills
New Treasures
Crazy Creations
Peaceful Surroundings
Posh Accommodations

Awesome Food that We Didn't Cook
We'll be back to real life tomorrow, but for now, we're off the clock.  Real Life will just have to get along without us.


  1. You and the Rock Stars might have to consider joining us next year!


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