The Calm After the Storm

We're all a little wiped out after yesterday's excitement - the sheep were sheared in spite of the rain, and we got a lot of other big jobs out of the way in the face of those intermittent rain showers.

Ruthie finished her breakfast this morning and then proceeded to start her morning nap, using my boot as a pillow.  It was hard to step away from all that sweet puppy love, so I took some time out for a scritch session.

Of course, you can't have a doggy scritch session and not expect every dog in the field to come running, so we made a little room for Vanni.  Love, love, love.

That set the tone for my morning - the rain has somehow decided to go around us, so I had time to just be with my babies... to go through the motions and tasks slowly and deliberately.  Check out my new wagon -- I treated myself since I had nearly worn out my first one.  This new wagon is the bee's knees: has a huge carrying capacity and nice new tires that roll like a dream.  It may not seem like much to a casual observer, but it makes my daily life soooo much nicer.

I got a chance to check out the sheep a little more closely, without their fleeces.  Everybody seems to be in great shape, weight wise - even without any grain supplement this year.  Considering the drought, I'm very happy to see this.  Hay prices are astronomical, but we're managing.  I didn't even have to worm this year.  The Gulf Coast sheep are super parasite-resistant, and have done beautifully, even without as much pasture rotation as I would have liked.  The real proof of the pudding is the quality of the wool, and we did amazing in that department this year.  I'm still just shaking my head.

It's forecast to be a rainy weekend, but with shearing behind us, and warmer temperatures ahead, I say, bring it on.  Got my new boots broken in, and I'm invincible.

The Gregg Salvia tells me spring is here for good, and it's time to put this crazy winter behind us. 


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