Everybody's Naked

It's done.  All the shearing is done and the fleeces are bagged for cleaning.  Ahhhhhhhh.  Give me a minute while I enjoy some major shepherd relief.  Nothing could have gone any better, from surviving the rain on sheep shearing day, to me learning how to successfully drag a trailer.

And the fiber is, easily, our best ever.  Here's Joseph without his amazing technicolor dream coat.  Cute spots, eh?

Here's his coat coming off in velvety waves.  Every bit as yummy as we had hoped.

The pasture is now populated with pipe cleaner animals.  They look like cartoon characters to me, freshly shorn.

And they match the nekkid sheep at the other end of the property.  Everyone is ready for the 80+ degree temperatures we're supposed to see, beginning tomorrow.  Whew.  Just in time.

Now, comes the big job of getting the fiber clean and ready to send to the mill.  We've been streamlining and perfecting our systems, so as soon as the last of last year's fiber is finished, we'll bang this stuff out.  And enjoy every minute.


  1. MissMoosey on Ravelry10:03 PM

    I always think that post-shearing pictures look somewhat indecent! But I suppose if the sheep and alpacas aren't bothered by their state of undress, it shouldn't bother me.

  2. ahhh I love fresh fiber!!

    The animals do look so different shorn. Every year is amazes me how much different, but in time they look "normal" again :)

  3. oooo, nothing like harvesting beautiful fibers!


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