This Weekend and Beyond...

Wow - the roller coaster that is March is clicking its way up the last hill.  We're about to throw our hands in the air and holler, "WHEEEEEEE" as we dash toward the DFW Fiber Fest this weekend in Grapevine. 

The Fest starts Friday morning at 9 AM and goes through Sunday.  Click here to get to their site for all the specifics, including maps and schedules.  We'll be there with a booth, and also as a sponsor for the big Ravelry shindig on Friday night.  Can't wait to see everybody there!

Then the next bit of fun here at the farm will be a much-in-demand Tri-Loom Weaving class on Saturday, April 14.  I have 3 spaces still available for this class -- it's a limited group mostly due to the size of the LRB.  We want everyone to have room to spread out and really enjoy the day.  The looms from Barney Terrell are $45, the optional tabletop tripods are $20 and the class itself is $20.  Yep... just $20.  Bring your lunch and we'll make a day of it - 10 AM to 1 or 2 PM, depending on how much time everybody needs.  I'll have Midge Jackson's amazing patterns available, too, so once you know how to use the loom, you can think about how to use those amazing little triangles.  (It's not too early to start your holiday gift-making!)  Drop me a line and I'll hold your spot. 

April, aside from some new knitting and spinning classes, will be all about fiber preparation.  I'll try to let you know when I have a big day scheduled here to skirt, tumble and/or wash, and if you've been interested in learning the basics, I'd love to show you the process.  A day up to your armpits in fabulous fiber is a wonderful thing.


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