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We had some dramatic weather yesterday, which almost always leads to some dramatic sunsets.  Like the one tonight...

Our very rare two-headed lamb was spotted in the north paddock this evening as I made my rounds.

All the sheep, including Crazy Phoebe, insisted on confronting the shepherd head-on tonight.  And she looks kind of put out about something.  There's no telling what goes on in that little sheepy brain.

It's been a while since our big ol' hoot owl hung out where I could see him.  I had to push the limits of my camera's lens, because he's a little shy and won't let me get close at all.

In fact, I barely got the camera to focus on the giant bird before he was going...



Earlier today we were paid a visit by another very large bird - a blue heron - who came to fish in our swollen creek.

Swollen and rushing past.  Though it overflowed its bounds, it never got up to the point that I was concerned.  The chorus frogs came out to sing, and added to the warm spring sound of the moving water.

I tried to catch this male Cardinal who was sitting on a branch outside my office window.
Arg.  Timing is everything.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    always love a 'today in pictures' from you and/or Susan at JMF... that's some big owl. I have one in my neighborhood but have never laid eyes one 'em...

  2. I've seen a million "still" shots of cardinals...boring...I like yours better!

    1. Thanks, Joelle - I kinda like it, too... ;-)


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