Warming Up in the Bull Sheep Pen

Sheep shearing's all set for tomorrow here, rain or shine, looks like.  Danny says if need be, he can cover the motor of his shearing machine with a garbage bag!  That news has seriously relieved me about the weather, over which, I have no control.  If you're coming tomorrow to hang out with us and watch, do dress for wetness.

Today I trotted over to my neighbors' house to help them with the shearing of their beautiful Jacob sheep, as sort of a warm up.  Danny has sheared for them for two years now, and it's been a great boon.  I will be bringing several of those lovely fleeces home - I'll share some with our shareholders, though I could easily spin it all up by myself, it's so beautiful.  It was my first breed of sheep wool to hand process and spin, and I'll always love it best.

I love hanging out with sheep people - we have so much to talk about, and I always learn a ton.  I'm finally starting to feel like a real shepherd, and my silly questions are getting less silly.  Can't wait to learn even more ...

Besides shearing sheep, Danny is a skilled woodworker, and knows how to spin on his own drop spindles.  I'll have some of his drop spindles, antler buttons, and shawl pins available in the LRB after shearing - they're beautifully made and reasonably priced.  After we get finished with the sheep tomorrow, I'd love to show them to you, if you can come by.

As we speak, our sheep are shut up in their shelters, trying to stay out of this off-and-on mist.  They say it will probably turn to full fledged rain overnight.  I'm still praying for a sky-parting miracle tomorrow between 8 AM and 9 AM, until all our babies are wool-less, and then it can turn loose!


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