Angel of Mercy

Meet Jenny Lawrence, new friend of the farm, and the answer to our prayers.  Jenny is the cousin of our pal Dina's husband (ya follow?), and she has the same giver's heart that runs in that family.

Jenny offered to come help us take care of Ruthie's heavy, matted coat just as the weather is now turning very wet and warm, and as Ruthie is showing signs of bending under the weight of the fur and the humidity.  Jenny is a professional dog groomer, works with Great Pyr rescue, and heads up the grooming department at the Petsmart in Wylie.  So y'all take your dogs to her, right now.  She is the best.  Seriously, please share the love...

Jenny had told me she'd just need electricity and someone to distract Ruthie from the front while she worked on the back end.  She was in for a surprise.  Ruthie couldn't have loved the attention more, or been more relaxed and chilled out.  Jenny accused me of slipping Ruth a Xanax before she pulled up.  Said she'd never in her life worked on such a laid back Pyrenees.  Buzz, buzz, buzz... off came the icky matts and felted clumps of hair, and all the while, Ruthie almost snored.

Vanni refused to be ignored, and introduced himself right away.  He and Jenny became mutual fans.  Vanni is such a little helper.

No matter which way we bent and stretched Ruthie, or which side we rolled her onto, she laid perfectly still with her eyes closed in bliss and enjoyed the attention.  She got a modified "lion" cut, which takes the nastiest parts off the back end but leaves some fur around the neck, where it might be needed in a fight, in her role as Livestock Guardian Dog.  It also reserves her a bit of dignity.

There's a bit of controversy in the Pyr world about whether to shave a dog or not, and I haven't done it until now, but enough is enough.  This is a hygiene and health issue.  With Ruthie's slight disability, she just can't keep herself clean enough to be healthy.

Next, Vanni warmed up to Jenny's daughter, Elizabeth.  He knows how to work a crowd.  He's as sweet as a cupcake, and impressive in his massiveness.

Then, he worked his puppy wiles on Ted, and convinced us that maybe his coat needed a bit of attention too, since we were already set up and running.

So, Vanni got a little Jenny-love, too, and his tummy is now pretty much knot-free.  His downy-fine undercoat felts up lickety-split, and we will need to keep an eye on it till it all sheds out for the season.  Vanni also impressed Jenny with his willingness and compliance.  He just can't get enough of this!

So there they are - the beauty parlor LGDs, with their new Do's.  They won't win the Westminster, but they will be comfortable, and healthy.  That was my Number One Concern.  A working dog's gotta be outfitted for the job, and matty, gnarly fur just doesn't cut it, especially in Texas.

Thank you, Ms. Jenny, for loving our dogs and helping us out with your professionalism and skill.  Florence Nightingale's got nothing on you.


  1. It's wonderful Jenny was so kind to donate her grooming talents and helping Ruthie with her fur coat. She's definitely an angel with grooming clippers.

    Will Tella and Judah have a spa day too?

  2. Hi Mo! Thankfully, Tella and Judah have compeletely different kinds of coats - Judah's is mostly the coarse guard hair, that will do with just a bit of brushing, but nothing like Ruth's. And Tella has a short coat, both undercoat and guard hair, and with steady brushing, will stay pretty tidy. I'll tell them you asked about them - they'll be pleased... ;-)

  3. Hi Cindy........we also have two Pyrs, one that is very matted and we have considered shearing our female also. Could you tell me what type of shears jenny was using. We have shears we use for alpaca's, but don't want to use those. Too much loose skin to worry about. Would appreciate any thoughts on the shears/cutter


    Teresa Hammond
    Jornada Alpaca

  4. Hi Teresa - as you can see in the photos, she used a small, hand-held electric clipper, but probably a professional grade. I heard her say something about a #10 blade (or comb?) but beyond that, I'm not sure. She made it look pretty easy, but I'm sure that is an illusion. Maybe with practice I could consider doing it myself down the road. She kept changing blades because they heated up quite often. Spare blades would be a good investment.

  5. I used the Professional grade Andis Ultra Edge 2 speed clippers with only a #10blade on them. (that's the safest blade) When i am shaving the Pyrs with S.P.I.N.( Saving Pyrenees In Need) I normally use a #7 skip tooth... but you have to be very careful with that blade because it is very similar to Sheep/Alpaca sheers and blades. I really enjoyed coming out and "helping" you and your awesome animals. I just wish more people would help out with their strengths, this world would be such a better place if we all did. Thank you again for all the love you show all animals... Jenny

  6. My heart is full to see people sharing just what they do best. Love Ruthie's puff ball on the end of her tail. ;)

  7. I bet the dog is happy!

    I've been on the look out for someone who could trim up our GP. All that rolling skin makes me nervous to do it ourselves, but he's too big to take somewhere. What a nice blessing to have someone come to your farm!


    1. Where are you, Cara? Maybe we could get you some help?


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