Girl Time

We're hunkering down for the next few days here at the farm, making stuff and gearing up for the annual pilgrimage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend.  There's one new difference this year:  I get to take my daughter with me.

Em is just recently back from six months of homeschooling with my sister and the cousins in Hawaii, and we're going to take advantage of this ongoing flexible schedule.  Since she won't be missing days from a rigid public school schedule, we're going to take off on perhaps our only chance to do the big wool fest together before she returns to public school again.

She's been my best helper lately out in the pasture, working with the sheep and alpacas, scritching the dogs and herding the chickens.  She has a keen intuition with the animals and we have a great time together.  (OK, I have a great time... she comes along fairly willingly.)

Empty Hay Bunker.  Don't be fooled by that hard-packed junk in the bottom.

Full Hay Bunker.  The difference is clear.

Apparently, after you stuff yourself with hay, you chase it with some tasty dirt clods.

I'm looking forward to showing Emma all the amazing stuff at MDS&W, including more different kinds of sheep than you can imagine, and enough texture and color to choke a horse.  She doesn't think of textile arts as her future, but she knows enough to appreciate it, and she's a great sport when it comes to hanging out with her old mom's friends.

I can't wait.


  1. Dwanna2:08 PM

    Sounds fabulous! Enjoy your trip and time together. I know you both will make great memories.

  2. Enjoy your trip and time with Emma. I love a good field trip with my daughter.


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