Happy Birthday, Lambs!

Can it really be a year ago today we were rewarded by the birth of our two Gulf Coast lambs, Rachael and Moses?

Rachael, the firstborn, gave us a hint at her gorgeous fleece, even from her first minutes.  Mary Elizabeth did a wonderful job as a first-time mom.

Three days later, they were out romping in the grass.  Moses, here, even after a bit of a shaky start, finds his way around the pasture with no trouble.

And now look at them.  You can hardly tell them from their mom (in the middle).  I spent some time with them in the pasture this evening, recalling our very rare lamb birth on this evening one year ago.

They've turned out so beautifully.  They are sweet and curious, with amazing fleeces.  Moses has little scurs (pseudo-horns) but they haven't been much of an issue at all.

They must have been a little itchy tonight.  He's scratching on my knee. 

Meanwhile, in the bachelor pasture next door, the boys are looking for the birthday party.  Where's the party food?

Ah, that's more like it.  Crunch.

Tella's standing by to see that the festivities don't get out of hand.  

So, happy birthday little lambs!  Keep growing and growing!  Maybe next year, we'll have another set of lambs... just to keep the fun alive.  Hmmmm?


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