Needles Clicking

Breakthrough! Three new knitters overcame past challenges today in the LRB.  Dorinda, Monica and Emily succeeded where they had not before, and I'm delighted to say, left more confident in their brand new skills.  Awesome job!

Sometimes the difference between sheer frustration and victory is just a tiny little adjustment.  And having someone at your elbow helping you make minor corrections can set you on the road to a fulfilling new hobby... especially a new hobby that could well morph into a passion.  Show of hands?

Each of these ladies had tried before but were thwarted by simple things.  What an easy, fun task it was for me just to nudge them back onto the right road.  Emily took off, and picked up the Continental style with grace and ease.

Our painter, Monica, developed a wonderful rhythm very quickly.  We're kindred spirits who love earth tones.  Yo, sister.

 And Dorinda let out the secret that even though she does many things left-handed, she actually got some relief by knitting right-handed this time!  Liberation!  And she's off and running.

After class, of course, we had to make the rounds in the pasture to say hi to all the critters, and were joined by Navayah, Jessica, Asher, and the baby.  Navayah raises sheep herself and we had so much fun comparing notes and swapping stories.  She and Jessica will be back for a spindle class soon so that she can better use her own wool.

Asher was fascinated by the chickens, who are just tame enough to hang around close, and keep him engaged.

We've been blessed beyond measure with the weather this week, and it promises to hold for several more days to come. 

Now it's time for me to take advantage of this springy day and wash some fiber!


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