SRO at the LRB

Like bees to honey, we flocked to the Little Red Barn today, to spend time together, meet new friends, and knit and spin for all we were worth.  I think we set a new LRB record for the number of people who spent at least part of the day with us today!

My neighbor, Ilene, brought tomato plants for us to share - because her beds were full, and there's nothing sadder than a lovely Roma without a good home.

Gloria got comfy, and Joy brought a box full of Spin Off back issues for us to paw through...
(Gloria's mom, Linda, somehow evaded the camera...)

Denise, Rita, Anela, Mary, Amy and Virginia

Karen tats...


Lisa and Kris

Chiyo and Peggy share a secret...

Peggy and Greta

Baby Shannon, who was a delight all day...

Hanane and Karen

Peggy's bionic knees

Maria and her amazing double knitting.  Maria has agreed to teach a class in this fascinating technique - mark down June 9 and stay tuned for the details.

Hanane has agreed to teach shuttle tatting, too.  Flag May 12 for this class, and watch for the details.

Huge thanks to Will Hulse for helping me with some gardening chores.  He has volunteered to take on the Garden Rehab project - I am so relieved and excited I could cry.  I hate to see a neglected garden, but there's only so much we can do.  Thank you, Will, for taking this on...

In addition to the tatting and double knitting classes, we'll be starting another Beginning Spinning class on Wednesday evening at 7 (three sessions from 7-9 PM, $50, all materials included).  And we're long overdue to Dye Trying - so we'll pull out the dye pots on May 19.  You guessed it - details coming.


  1. Sounds like I missed a fun, fun day while I was working (eeeekkkk!!). Can't wait to see everybody next time, though. And I want to dye trying!! :)

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Let me know if Will ever needs a hand!


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