Vanni Owns Fourth Saturday

Fourth Saturday - a wonderful busy time with knitters and spinners coming and going from the Little Red Barn.  But it was also busy in the pasture, with a steady stream of visitors coming through the gates on this sunny and windy day.

For instance, while Mia was busy filling some bags with 'paca poo for her urban homestead, her son Levi was having a great time playing ring-around-the-rosey with Vanni.

A lovely group of girls came to visit the animals and learn about spinning wool.  They loved the alpacas, but, as usual, Vanni stole the show.

A sweet young couple came to see what alpacas look like in person, but had to deal with Vanni's... uh, curious nature.

Thanks to all the Barnies who dropped by today, including our first-timer, Debbie... Denise, Rita, Lisa, Lisa, Karen, Kris, Gail, CJ, and Anela (who'd I miss?).

Hopefully next time we get together, there won't be a huge moving van in the front yard... We'll let you know when the garage sale is on.  Some of Grandma's stuff is awesome.


  1. Kate (Kate64 from rav)3:08 PM

    Wow, shorts and tee shirts already? We had a frost warning last week (and today it is 32C with the humidex. What happened to spring??)


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