We Have a Winner!

This morning, the winner of the Half Share of fiber from the DFW Fiber Fest came for a visit!  Melissa Rice, and her pal Sami Moss dropped by to see a little of what was in store for her as a shareholder at Jacob's Reward Farm.

Sami and Melissa greet the Menagerie
The critters did not disappoint.  The chickens, sheep, dogs and alpacas were all on their best behavior to impress their new benefactress, and the newest members of the farm family.

Vanni, of course, as the Sweetest Dog on Earth, warmed up to animal-magnet Sami and nearly knocked her down with love.

He's such a lover.  Melissa asks if he's really just 15 months old...  Uh, yep.  Still an adolescent in the LGD world.

Ruthie and Vanni then joined in a merry romp - something I haven't seen in a long time.  The cool weather and liberating hair cut have turned Ruth back into a young pup as well, and the chase was on...

Rawr.. rawr.... rawr...  The Lioness and the Clown.

All that roughhousing attracted the alpacas, who don't like missing out on potential treats.  With just plucked grass from the pasture, Sami had all the boys eating out of her hand...

I think the crew won them over.  Can't wait to have them back to the farm and the Little Red Barn for some knitting/spinning time together!  Mi granja es su granja!


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