The Adventure Begins

Another trek to the Mother of All Wool Festivals - it means an airplane ride, very early in the morning.  Who knew there's a 4 o'clock in the AM as well as the PM?  Crazy.

Emma and I took the bumpy plane ride, dozing, snacking on peanuts, and wishing we'd gotten more sleep the night before.  But, it's an ADVENTURE!

There's something comforting about landing at the same airport, riding to the same car rental facility, and driving the same highways to the familiar fairgrounds where all the fun happens.  The sign is new.

And then the familiar sights and sounds (BAAA... BAAA... BAAA) of the sheep sheds and the vendor barns.  Dozens of breeds are displayed, and dozens of sheep stands are occupied by animals getting gussied up for the shows.

The faces...

The fleeces...

Emma was pressed into service right away, helping with the booth set up.  Especially the parts that require climbing.  Amanda helped, too, because even though she's a newlywed, she's one of the youngest people in our booth.

The stuff came together more quickly, and earlier than ever, so we had more time to spend roaming the aisles in the sheep barn.

One of my favorite traditions is the supper they provide for the shepherds and vendors on Friday evening in the show ring.  Cold cuts, dessert, soda and beer.  This is a relaxed time of reconnecting with old friends.  I love that after all these years, I recognize more and more people, who also recognize me.  These are my people.

Emma's having a great time -- she's always such a good sport.  But I think between our early morning and the enlistment into our work force, she's about had it for today.

And yet, even as we left the fairgrounds for our hotel, the work continued behind us, at the sheep beauty shop stations all over the grounds...

...with the sounds of sheep complaints ringing in our ears.

Tomorrow - The People Come.


  1. You make it sound so wonderful, which I know it is, but your descriptions make me wish I was there. Thanks for the photos of the beauties, enjoyed them. Have a smooth adventure!

  2. D'Wanna Whitener10:47 PM

    Wow! Such amazing animals. Gonna start planning for next year! Thanks for giving us a peek.

  3. DWanna10:49 PM

    Do not know why an apostrophe always comes publishes as &#39 on the computer. :)


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