And You. Are. There...

Our video from Maryland Sheep and Wool is here!  It's the next best thing to having you in my pocket that we could come up with.  Big thanks to Emma - photographer, videographer, and video editor extraordinaire...


  1. I love the video! Thanks for letting us see the festival! Been there one time, maybe someday I can attend again.

  2. Cindy, it was great to see you and WOW! You captured the entire festival in 3 minutes. You go, girl! It was fun to see my picture among the spindlati! ;-)

    Glad you had a wonderful time, next year we must sit and chat.

    XO Sheila B

    1. It's always such a joy to spend time with you, Sheila - yes, let's figure out a way to visit longer next time. Hugs to you, cousin!


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