Big White Role Model

In case you haven't been keeping up with Susie Gibbs' blog where Vanni and Tella's little brothers are getting bigger and cuter with each passing day, here's their latest developmental milestone:  Solid Food.

Looks like they're going to need a little bit of practice to master the whole Eating Out of a Bowl thing. (And mightn't we all die from the cute while they do?)   But like any responsible big brother, Vanni is here to show them the way:

See, little brothers?  Not so hard.  The hard part is defending your dinner from the blankety-blank chickens.

In other Vanni news, we got a quick visit from our pal Gail, who's been putting in so many long hours that she hadn't had any farm time in ever-so-long.  Vanni made sure she didn't leave without the Full Farm Treatment.  How wise was she to wear white to snuggle the Maremma?

Our dogs are just weapons-grade Awesome.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    what's the news on Tella, we never hear anything about her...

    1. That's true. Poor Tella suffers from having a not-so-visitor-friendly pasture mate in Judah. They just don't get the hands on attention that Vanni and Ruthie get. I'll try to post more about her soon. She is so much smaller and daintier than Vanni, but just as sweet and loving... Keep it here..


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