Continuing Education

More spinning in the LRB tonight with lots of progress made.  Yay for Greta, Eunice and Elizabeth!

Greta - first yarn off the wheel, turned fashion accessory.
Elizabeth - headed home with a new supply of roving...
Eunice - new inspiration to ponder this week...
And progress on getting stuff together to get out of town on Friday.  Thanks to the committee of farm friends who are holding down the fort in my absence.  You know there will be plenty of coverage of all the fun at "the largest fiber festival in the country."  For many, a trip to Mecca.  For me, a fun time to re-connect with old pals, spend time with my daughter, make a little money, scritch somebody else's sheep, and change the scenery a little. 

Sorry about leaving a heat wave behind, but I hear it won't be much cooler on my end of the continent.  Pooh.  Makes it a bit harder to fondle all the wool and yarn we'd like, but you can rest assured, we'll give it all we've got.


  1. Ugh, don't you hate this heat? I've left all my wool processing chores for the worst part of the year! It really is a winter sport...


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