Dye Trying

Emma's Yarn
 I'm really looking forward to Saturday - not only is it our regular Third Saturday fiber get together at the Little Red Barn, but out under the shade trees, we'll be cooking up some scrumptious color in the dye pots.  Rita and Peggy HR have offered to help by bringing some turkey fryers and crock pots, so we should have no lack of ways to get color on your fiber.

Bring what you have to dye, or get some here - yarn or roving - and we'll play.  All the gorgeous yarns at Maryland Sheep and Wool have been haunting me in my sleep, and I'd really like to experiment with some fun color combinations myself. 

The weatherman says it will be a warm sunny day, perfect for hanging out under the trees.  You might want to prepare for a few bugs... mosquitoes and chiggers have been documented here in the past couple of weeks.  I want you to be comfortable...

Looking ahead, remember we have our fleece skirting/washing workshop coming up on June 2, as well as an amazing double knitting workshop on June 9.  More details about those will be forthcoming.

See you Saturday!  10 AM to 3 PM...

Emma's Yarn becoming a hat...


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