Evening in the Pasture

Just before sundown, when the pastures are settling down for the night, is a great time to get a little one-on-one with the critters, and make sure that all is well.

Sweet, happy Tella, always smiling.

Young Moses, catching the last few rays of the day.

Pretty Rachel, already working on another gorgeous fleece.

Faithful Judah, off to take up his watchful position for the evening.

Ruthie, kind and vigilant - still enjoying her summer hair cut.

Moonstruck, cushed in the dirt, about to enjoy an after-dinner roll.

Hen pals, hunting a few more bugs before bedtime.

Vanni, the gentle giant, resting before the night shift.

And one more peek at Tella, cooling off in the water trough.  No wonder I can't keep that thing full, or clean.

Good night, critters.  See you all in the morning...


  1. Love every one of the pics, but the last one is just precious! What a girl!! xoxo

  2. great pictures!

    I love evenings on the farm. Best time to see all the animals doing what they do.


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