The Festival Culminates

Day Two at the festival continued the amazing journey into the very center of the fiber world.  In fact, after all the preparation, travel, set up and immersion in this world, we begin to feel like we've been transported to the Planet of the Sheep People.  And we LIKE it.

Julie's spinning here with her Sheep to Shawl team, the Black Sheep.  Their gorgeous shawl was woven with a Jacob sheep warp and a Hog Island sheep weft.  Rare breeds rock.  Their team didn't end up winning, but their shawl brought a lovely auction price.

Between forays into the shopping crowds and the eye-popping vendor wares, Emma took little naps and spinning breaks.  She spindle-spun some excellent Jacob roving, way above her experience level.  Was it the Golding spindle?  Is it her amazing spinning pedigree?  Or is she just an incredible kid?  Answer: #3.

We met Eric, who was rockin' the kilt thing, and was also drop spindling in his hand knit slouch hat.  Dude, go for the gold.

Angie took me up on the challenge of envisioning a fair isle project with the four shades of alpaca yarn I toted from Texas.  I sure hope I get to see the finished project.

On the last day, there's always a little urgency to sweep the fairgrounds to see every vendor in every booth, barn, tent and cranny.  I was freshly aware of how difficult it must be for fiber and yarn vendors to compete - the colors and put ups get more exciting and more beautiful, in order to get the customers' attention and stand out from the crowd.  Just wow. 

The critters know how to get our attention, by being just so irresistible and cute and stuff.  The goats were goaty and sweet...

The angora bunny babies wiggled their noses, and their way into our hearts...

And little week-old lambs... well, good luck passing those by without stopping.

But today was the last day.  And our sweet little Jacob Sheep Conservancy booth (which did really well, by the way, thanks) had to come down, again.

Nineteen minutes after the 5 o'clock bell, the booth was packed up, and my pals were on their varied ways home. 

Where else can you follow a van like this down the road and out onto the highway?  These are our people.

Now Emma and I get one last night of vacation, and then we head back home ourselves.  Our real life is pretty sweet, but this trip to Sheepville has been a treat, again.  Thank you, Maryland!

When we get back to Texas, Emma will take some of the amazing video and photos that we've kept under wraps, and put together a wonderful montage of the weekend, before the freshness is off of the experience.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hmmm...Planet of the Sheep - I'm seeing a movie remake! Think we could get Mark Wahlberg signed on? :)

  2. Great post Cindy! You really captured it.

  3. I **LOVE** seeing you every year at MdS&W - and I LOVE it that you put a mention up about our team and the sheep to shawl contest! I bid as high as I could go on OUR shawl - I loved it so much I wanted to own it! Thank you Cindy..... you and Emma simply rock - and like with Liz, wish I lived closer to you guys! Hugs, Julie


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