Fill 'Er Up

Today we filled up the barns.  Filled.  Up.

The Cadillac shed (it's a long story how this structure got its name) we filled with over 200 bales of hay.  Ted has a friend at work who raises cows on the side, and had some square bales to sell.  He gave us an outrageously good price, plus delivery and tons of help unloading and stacking.  An amazing deal.  Thank you Roger, Kim and Riley!  Thanks also to our friend Will, who loved playing farmboy by tossing bales down from the trailer.  All that hay going in the barn was like watching art happen.  If I can keep this dry, and if the sheep like it (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...) we'll be set for months.

Will and Roger lead the hay brigade.

By the time they were done, the barn was filled to the doors, and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the property, the Little Red Barn was filling up with a near-record-breaking turnout of knitters and spinners.  We've observed a law of nature that when someone has to leave early from the LRB, more people come to take their place, and we always seem to have enough chairs.  It's a mystery beyond science how this happens every time...

All we know is, we've never had the barn so full of friends that crazy fun didn't break out in large quantities.  A bountiful selection of baked goods never hurts either.

Beautiful projects form on needles, coffee and sweets are consumed, stories told, jokes shared, fresh air breathed, nerves soothed... it's what we do.

We got our money's worth with the AC blasting today.  Even with oppressive heat outside, the LRB stayed cool and refreshing.

Had to capture Chiyo modelling her knee sock in progress... 'specially because it coordinated so well with her gangsta outfit.

We're already looking forward to next Saturday's special workshop: Skirting a Raw Sheep Fleece.  Details coming up tomorrow...


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