Learn to Tat! No Ink Involved

 Saturday's class at the Little Red Barn has nothing to do with permanently drawing on your body.  It DOES involve using fine crochet thread to make gorgeous, heirloom-quality lace with your own two hands.

Hanane Elmoumi will take you through the simple steps to begin learning this vintage craft -- you can do it!  Amaze your friends!  Trim your sewing projects with your own handmade lace... You know you want to...

There are still a few seats left for our class on Saturday, May 12 at 10 AM.  Bring a lunch or snack to tide you over while you learn.  Also, bring one empty Clover shuttle (available at Hobby Lobby or other craft store).

Hanane will provide:
*a picot gauge
*two bobbins
*and a handout.

Cost: $20


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