FC Day Two: So Much to Do

The kids came back raring to go, and we got right to work.  Of course, chores come first, but then we turned to wool work.  After meeting the sheep up close yesterday, we were ready to begin working with the wool.  We washed it and then put it in jars with Koolaid to dye it in the sun.

This is easy to do even if you aren't at Farm Camp - all you need is some wool, a big jar, some water and a few glugs of vinegar, and some unsweetened Koolaid or similar drink powder.  You can't really mess this up - add the water and vinegar, the wool, and sprinkle the powder on top and leave in the hot sun for the day.  It's magic.

Wool Washing
Ms. Nancy is the best helper ever...
Dyeing with drink powder
All set to let the sun do its thing...

Here's a little peak at all our fun activities today:

Looking at a chicken's ear -- who knew?
Our ambassador chicken doesn't mind being held
Learning about sheep, while we create great works of art
I want to thank Ms. Anela for taking all of today's wonderful pictures, and Ms. Nancy, who proved her worth and service again today in so many valuable ways.  The campers and I thank you with all our might!

And tomorrow - even more fun to come!


  1. I cannot wait until my little one is old enough to camp!! So much fun!

  2. I love those farm animal cards using wool and feathers. Awesome! I also cannot wait until my daughter is old enough for camp. (Actually, I can wait because I don't want her to grow up just yet, but it will be so much fun when she is able to attend!)


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