Good Thing We Don't Melt

It's really, really hot.  We've hit the part of the Texas summer where it probably won't get much worse except that it just keeps on coming.  Day after day of temperatures exceeding 100.  This steals my energy like a slow leak steals the bounce from a soccer ball.  I feel like a pat of butter in a hot skillet.

Chicken Holding 101
So I'm really glad we have a reason to keep going out there morning after morning, for... FARM CAMP.

Discussing Chicken Anatomy
These kids help me overlook the swelter and refocus on the joys of living here on the farm.  We get out and about, and do the chores early, before the animals withdraw to the shade and the fans, and before we're reduced to dripping rags just standing out of doors.

Washing a Bit of Wool
We also get the opportunity to teach the kids about our favorite thing: fiber.  Wool, in particular.  When you share with a kid all the amazing tricks that wool can do, it revives your own love, and preserves the knowledge for the next generation.  Today, we washed some Gulf Coast wool and dyed it in the sun with drink powder.  By this evening, it should be finished absorbing the pigments, and I'll rinse it out and set it to dry under a fan.  Tomorrow, we'll use it for felting.... more wool tricks.

Dyeing in the Sun
I really get big satisfaction from teaching the kids how to interact with the animals.  Some have experience with big critters, but not many.  They get to touch the fur and overcome the fear.  They learn about the work and the responsibility that goes with caring for animals.

The Egg Hunt - Highlight of the Day
We also take time (in the AC) to listen to good literature about farming and fiber.  We read aloud from some really outstanding books, and the kids aren't terribly aware that it's "good for them."  They actually enjoy it.

Great Books about Fiber
Only three more days of Farm Camp for the summer.  It was a big job, but so, so worth it.  I'm considering expanding for next year.  We just have to keep sharing this great stuff.

Playdough creation...  Some kind of monster.


  1. How funny: I'm 30 and I remember reading that book (well the pictures are familiar, anyway!)


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