The Heat is On

Has your week been as hectic as mine?  It's been a "good" hectic, if there is such a thing, but still...

We added eight new pullets to our laying flock, though it will be a couple of months before we see any eggs from these little girls.  They're getting acclimated to their new digs, and settling in nicely.

A new spinning class graduated with mad yarn-making skills.  They're on the look out for good used wheels, so if you hear of one, give me a ring.

A couple of groups of kids came to the farm to meet the animals and learn about yarn making.  This just never gets old.  And as usual, Vanni thinks it's all about him.  He walked over and sat down with this group to get his picture taken.  The boy knows the drill.

All the dyeing we've been doing is finally coming to fruition - several blends of yarn, in a dozen colors will be available in the LRB, beginning on Saturday, for your knitting-felting-weaving pleasure.  Come squeeze the Merino, mohair, alpaca and cotton!

Pal Chris spent hours with me yesterday re-organizing the LRB (that job never ends) both for this Saturday's Third Saturday Knit/Spin-In, and also for Farm Camp, which begins on Monday.  It looks like Farm Camp is going to be nearly full and quite a blast.

I'd love to see you tomorrow in the LRB if you're free.  It's tidier and roomier than it's been in a long time - come take advantage of the extra elbow room, the hot coffee, and the always delightful company.



  1. I'll be thinking cool thoughts for you guys but that's partially selfish since I'll be down your way at the end of the month to visit Mom in Mansfield. She said there's been a good amount of rain this year, hope that keeps up!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! Love your yarn!


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