Rain Magic

How can rain produce such opposite results, depending on which kind of animal it falls on?

Sheep get clean... bright white clean... I-should-do-this-before-shearing clean.

Dogs, not so much.  And Ruthie is just fine with that.

The alpacas have clearly been mud wrestling in the pasture, fiber quality be darned.

Tella can't figure out why I don't want to come back for another snuggle with a muddy wet precious loving happy-slappy tail-waggly puppy.

Sorry, sweetie.  Wool to wash...  And shower to take.


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    what's up with Tella's nose???

    1. It's redder in the photo than in real life, but I think it gets a little pink from the sun. Can't figure out how to put sunscreen on a dog. She'd have it licked off in 1.3 seconds.


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