Summer Toes

If the thermometer didn't scream the arrival of summer today, the toes in the Little Red Barn did.  Usually when we get together, I like to take pictures of all the pals who drop by to spin and knit and create together, but it feels like they're all starting to blur together.  So I made it my task to find something unusual about our assembly today, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.


Almost to a person, the pedicures were out and proud today.  Except for Greta, who had her very cute red Keens on, and me, who is constantly in nerdy white socks and rubber pasture shoes.  I'm jonesing for a pedicure, so this was probably creeping forward from the recesses of my mind.  Check out the cool colors:

Ms. Mairead and her blue metallics

Rita's wedding pedi is holding up remarkably well

Chiyo in green

Desiree in green sparkles

Lisa in sparkly orange

Denise goes with a classic French pedi

Virginia in floral blue...
...and our first time visitor, Sheila, who had gorgeous bottle green toes, too, but she got away without getting her toes photographed.  She's obviously heard about me and the ubiquitous camera.

I think I feel a farmer birthday pedi in my future very soon...


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    love all the pedi pics! they are all cute, kinda hot! i think Lisa is the sexiest ;)


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