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Farm Campers
Whoa.  Sorry I slid off the radar last week.  As you know, we had a second week of Farm Camp, and it went exceedingly well.  A fine group of seven campers got to know the farm and all its inhabitants up close.  My excellent helpers came through for us, and I finished off our first real Farm Camp sessions very encouraged about next year.  I learned some things that will help me tweak it for the better, but overall, I think we did really well.  Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed!

Bandera courthouse.  Cool little town.
I had hardly put the glue sticks and construction paper away when it was time for me to help drive my teenager and four of her friends down to the Texas Hill Country for two weeks of camp.  I've made this trip twice before with another of the moms, and we always have a great time.  Because of the logistics, we got to spend the night in Kerrville before driving the kids into the camp the next day.  What a fun little vacation.  Rested, did some sightseeing of a rustic variety, and got to visit with my friend, my daughter, and all the girls.

Dogs need grooming.
And now, it's back home, with one less person in the house to look after, and just the long To Do list that has been breathing down my neck for a while.  Oh, and I'd like to re-organize every room in the house.  A bit ambitious, I know, but I can dream. 

Dyed BFL turned into yarn.
Tomorrow is a holiday, and I'm thinking of dyeing some more roving.  The beautiful BFL I dyed a couple of weeks ago has flown off the shelves, and needs replenishing.  Weather forecast for the rest of the week: Not Horrid.  Perfect for skirting and washing pounds and pounds of fiber.  Add that to the list...

And Happy Independence Day!


  1. Oh, I would love to visit TX Hill Country, hear and read such nice things about it!
    Love the photos of the yarn and dogs...lovely. Glad the children had a good time at Farm Camp.

  2. Patricia Walters10:17 AM


    Your gorgeous yarn looks just like corn ready to be picked and eaten. Yummy!


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